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    1. Decorative Mesh for Exterior Wall CladdingCompared with traditional glass curtain walls, decorative mesh for exterior wall cladding offers customers more selections. It separates the building from the outside for the protective and environmental sake while meeting aesthetic requirement.
    1. Decorative Mesh for StoreThe post processing of color mesh includes electroplating, oxidation and coating. Each step of processing is under the strict quality supervision in order to manufacture environmental-friendly and practical products.
    1. Decorative Mesh for ElevatorWe adopt wires and panels made of good stainless steel and copper, thus the color of metal is even. Also, we process the surface of this building material with wire drawing and color rendering techniques to fulfill the unique aesthetic requirements.
    1. Decorative Mesh for Suspended CeilingFor the flat suspended ceiling, the mesh should be smooth and precisely measured. To achieve this standard, our decorative mesh adopts highly anti-corrosive stainless steel, is interlaced by heavy metal weaving machine and goes through strict cutting and quality supervision process.
    1. Decorative Mesh for Partition WallProcessed with the special coat on the surface, our decorative mesh is strongly against fire. Additionally, the polished coating makes the building material easy to clean. As the partition wall, the mesh is solid and firm. The attached manual renders the installation simple and convenient.
    1. Decorative Mesh for Interior Wall CladdingDecorative mesh for interior wall cladding is mainly utilized in large public places, such as theater. It not only makes the interior more splendid, but also increases the safety of the building by preventing the wall cladding from falling down and crashing onto the crowd.
    1. Decorative Mesh for Stair RailOur decorative mesh, made of stainless steel 316, has passed the tensile test and PONY environmental test (the certificates can be found on the page of Certificates). Different from metal mesh products, our architectural wire mesh combines the protective features and decorative effects together.
    1. Coil DraperyIn order to adapt to different situations, our metal mesh curtain utilizes a verity of raw materials, among which stainless steel, magnalium and carbon steel are popular. Stainless steel coil drapery, strongly against corrosion, is mainly used for exterior decoration.
    1. Fireplace Mesh ScreenThe metal mesh, woven in spirals, can be folded and moves as flexible as the curtain drapery. It creates an attractive decoration effect and prevents sparks from the fire. With the surface treated by electrophoretic process, our fireplace screen curtain resists high temperature and does not fade.
    1. Metal Ring MeshWe offer two types of metal ring mesh. One is the simple woven structure where the ring is composed of connected copper hooks, creating a hollow-out and flexible look. It is electroplated in gold, silver and gun black, but the natural color of copper is available as well.
    1. Metallic ClothMetallic cloth is widely used for decorative partitions, ceiling lamps, setting walls, window dressing in hotels, cafés, clubs, to name but a few. Also, it is increasingly popular in clothing, handbag and related industries.
    1. Beaded Curtain, Chain Link CurtainBeaded curtain can be easily installed by hanging each string of metal beads into the curtain rail. The metallic texture and lustrous look make the curtain fashionable and artistic. The space between strings is adjustable according to customer's request, creating varied visually decorative effects.
    1. Stainless Steel Wire Netting for Animal EnclosureStainless steel wire netting for animal enclosure, on one hand, protects visitors from the potential risks from animals; on the other hand, provides great and real visual possibilities for visitors. This stainless steel net is suitable for monkeys, chimpanzees, tigers, lions and other giant animals and also creates a safe living environment for birds.
    1. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh for Climbing PlantStainless steel wire mesh for climbing plant, widely used in vertical planting industry, plays a significant role in improving urban environment. It adjusts the room temperature for the covered buildings, changes the urban heat island effect, lowers the burden for the drain facilities, absorbs dust and reduces noise.
    1. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh for Sports Fencing It is characterized by many good features, for example bright in color, anti-corrosive in durability, smooth in appearance, sturdy yet resilient in performance. Also, it is flexible enough to be installed, adjusted and shaped.
    1. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh for DecorationStainless steel wire mesh for decoration is increasingly popular with modern designers, because it creates a nice decorative effect by offering great visibility for the setting and acts as a protective device at the same time.
  • Metal Mesh for Industrial FilterMasewa metal mesh for industrial filter, specially developed for DISA, a world-leading industrial group from Denmark, is applicable for filter solutions. It is manufactured with ferrous metal and enjoys good recognition.It is manufactured with ferrous metal and enjoys good recognition. Our industrial wire mesh can be made on client's specifications.