Metallic Cloth

Metallic cloth is widely used for decorative partitions, ceiling lamps, setting walls, window dressing in hotels, cafés, clubs, to name but a few. Also, it is increasingly popular in clothing, handbag and related industries.

Our metallic cloth is composed of thousands of small metallic flakes and rings, so it feels as soft as cloth and looks as lustrous as metal. Usually, aluminum and brass are preferable. Aluminum metallic cloth is light and colorful. Its standard panel is 400mm × 1500mm. On contrast, brass metallic fabric, with a great metallic texture and a gloss look, is dense and available in gold, silver, bronze, gun black and brass color. The standard panel is 400mm × 1000mm. We utilize oxidation, electroplating and other methods to create multi-color effect for our products.

The metal mesh fabric is available in many shapes, including square-shaped, hole-shaped, bead-shaped, wintersweet-shaped, pyramid-shaped, etc.

The metal mesh can be categorized by diameter into four types, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm.


  • Gloss surface
  • Matt surface


Aluminum material

Brass material


Size Material Weight Model
3mm aluminum FL-3, FM-3, YL-3,YM-3, KL-3, KM-3 HL-3, HM-3, JL-3, JM-3
brass 4kg /m2 BL-3
4mm aluminum FL-4, FM-4, YL-4, YM-4, KL-4, KM-4, HL-4, HM-4, JL-34, JM-4
brass BL-4
6mm aluminum FL-6, FM-6, YL-6 ,YM-6, KL-6, KM-6, HL-6, HM-6, JL-6, JM-6
brass BL-6
8mm aluminum FL-8, FM-8, YL-8, YM-8, KL-8, KM-8, HL-8, HM-8, JL-8, JM-8,
brass BL-8
Note: Size and color can be customized.


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