Metal Ring Mesh

We offer two types of metal ring mesh. One is the simple woven structure where the ring is composed of connected copper hooks, creating a hollow-out and flexible look. It is electroplated in gold, silver and gun black, but the natural color of copper is available as well. The other is the stainless steel ring mesh made of 6mm rings.

The metal ring mesh, a unique decorative material, is light in weight and easy to install. Thus it is applicable for ceiling lamp, partition wall, setting wall, art glass and so on.

Due to the special structure of this metal mesh, the production cycle is around 20 to 30 days. We customize the products to meet customers' requirement.


Code Material Size
IO-22 Copper 22
IO-1410 14+10
IO-2014 20+14
IO-35 35
IO-262 26
Note: 1. Different sizes can match different codes.2. The size can be customized.


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